Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Favourite~ Pier

Here's is my Friday favourite photo to share with you.

 I'd love it if you'd share your Friday Favourite too, just add a link in the 'comments' below.


Cristina Rose said...

I am still finding it hard to isolate 1 favourite each week as I take thousands.
Each picture is usually followed by many others that need each other to tell the story, this one however stood alone just like my son. While the photo itself is beautiful, also just like my son...looking at it breaks my heart as he had to get out of the car to calm down as he was so angry at me. Autism is a blessing sometimes and sucks at other times... This was one of those times that sucked!
But I am still blessed to be this young mans mummy and always will be.
One day I hope I will see nothing but beauty in this picture. The photo has a story all on its own.

Norfolk Exposure Michelle said...

Teddy is lucky to have you! A beautiful photo.
Here's a link to my Friday Favourite -


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