Friday, 8 June 2007

A creative week

(good time for a family photo)
I haven't done much or anything in the way of painting or craft since I have been here, but I have taken plenty of photos as a substitute as it is quicker and more instant for a busy working Mum.
But, this week presented me with a few challenges that were too good to ignore.
Art in the park is an annual event organized by the community arts society, it is an outdoor exhibition open to the whole community for free.
(Teddy and part of the Banyan park playcentre's maze, made by the kindergarten children.The 1st tree with the monkey in it was the one he made.)When I heard it was at the scenic Captain Cook memorial site, it got the creative juices flowing.
This beautiful cliff top picnic site has a lovely outlook over the cliffs of the far side of the island.
I made 2 displays, but Teddy helped me so much with one of the works, that I had to put his name on it.
My display was a series of butterflies, dragonflies and spiderwebs made from wire, beads and ricepaper all hung in a low pine tree over looking the south pacific.

Teddy's display was a set of plaster feet and hands in various sizes and rainbow colours called follow me, as the feet wound around the base of a small tree and the hands climbed up into the lower branches, where we tied on more plaster bugs and butterflies. We used Teddy's, Sienna's and baby William's feet in graduating colours and sizes.

It has rained all day today, so I dont know how everything is holding up out at the art in the park, but I found some other butterflies that I made, but forgot about that can be taken out there to hang up too.

There were so many other wonderful entries too, such a clever and creative community, very supportive too of anyone who wants to have a go.

You can read more about it on Aunty Mary's blog page

Another creative moment I have had at 11pm most nights was to do a series of paintings depicting children and a touch of Norfolk for the local kindergarten where Teddy attends, they want to do a series of stamps for the Norfolk Island philatelic and also a Christmas card for later in the year,
so whether mine get chosen or not, I had a ball getting my paints out for a purpose, even though I haven't had the time this year to do any 'fine' paintings, I loved doing something fun.

P.S. after writing this, I have been out to check on the works, some of my butterflies flitted away with the gale force winds, most were captured in the tree and reattatched. Teddy's footprints have gone from very colourful back to white with flecks of colour in the storm and need another lick of paint, not bad for being so open to the elements that we have had here this week.

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