Friday, 3 October 2008

the story of Daniels Bed.

This is Daniel's bed.

When I first moved to Queensland, I worked as a Nanny while continuing my art on the side.
One of my children was Daniel, he was 3 and a half and ready for a new bed, his parents found this great castle bunk bed, but it was grey and blue with silver stripes. It didn’t match their house at all, so they asked me to paint it.

I sat down with Dan and asked him what he would like on the bed, he replied excitedly, ”Winnie the Pooh!”
So I read him some castle books from the library with knights, kings & queens and of course, Dragons, he definitely wanted one of those, but to make sure there were no princesses on his bed.

I drew the dragon for Dan, he chose the colours to match his room (with gentle persuasion), and most importantly named the dragon Max.
Max’s castle is a sandy colour with tan keystones over the doorway, windows and steps, The dragon himself is teal and purple with multicoloured scales including gold and a gold outline, and finished off with copper and silver smoke.

Dan has grown out of this bed now, and it proudly came to live at our house at Weyba Downs.
When Teddy was 2, he lived on the ground floor and when Dan came to stay, he could still sleep on the top bunk.
I love this bed and am very proud of it, we are still trying to find a way to move it here to Norfolk Island.
Sienna only 1.
Dan, now 12 years old recently came to visit us in Norfolk Island when his Dad, Graeme did some agricultural seminars over here.
Brandt also worked for Graeme when he did extensions to their house and ended up building 3 huge factory sheds for their company Nutri-tech solutions at Yandina.
Dan loved Norfolk Island as much as we do and enjoyed collecting beach glass with us,(it is still one of my favourite hobbies).
We tried to get this mosaic done together, but ran out of time.
Oh well, there is always next time. Hope you come back soon Dan.

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Sue said...

Greetings from Auckland. I'm trying to contact Simone Emms features in your blog (as a cake maker supreme) and who completed a masters degree (on the history of culinary education) under my supervision a few years ago. There's a publisher wanting to produce her thesis - and I don't know how to contact her (her hotmail account bounces). Can you pass a message to her to contact me?