Friday, 31 October 2008

The fairy wash

Sienna is going through a fancy dress as every day clothes phase.

Zoe & Britney, Guests and new friends at Fletcher Christian.
Why wear every day boring clothes when you can be a princess or fairy every day.

Now when I wash our clothes, our clothes line looks a little different, I call this the fairy wash.

Yes, I know, it is 1995! It was 13 years ago.
Jess & Lyss Jess
When we were in Sydney, we found the flower girls dress from my wedding in the dress ups at Mandy's, so I brought it home to take photos of Sienna wearing it, she is about 8 months older than Alyssa and Jessica were when they were my flower girls(now both 16).

When Sienna wore it, she had a ball out in the garden and tap dancing on the driveway, but I realized that the mullet hairstyle, the outgrowing remnants of her self haircut, had to be fixed.
*hair today.

We booked a haircut with Rani, one of Sienna's favourites from IT2, Sienna dressed up especially for the occasion as a beautiful pink princess.

*gone tomorrow.

Now with her new hairstyle, Sienna and everyone else in town thinks she looks like her friend Mirabelle, she is happy about that (they are both beautiful).

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