Thursday, 4 September 2008

Our baby is 3 and a baby no more!

Happy 3rd Birthday Sienna Rose.

How fast 3 years flies.

12 months ago, Sienna's 2nd birthday.
Sienna, you have spunk, spirit and are a character.

You are hard to keep clean, tidy and respectable but are beautiful inside and out.

Teddy took this photo,which I love & am very proud of him, they look like they were having fun together.

The same dress

As you often tell us with the wisdom of the 2 year old that you were, "I am funny like a clown!"

What a lovely birthday!

The day started early with Teddy up and ready to unwrap the presents, but patiently waiting till she woke up.
Sienna said "WOW" all morning as she opened her presents.
Thankyou everyone for sending her presents in the post, she was very spoiled with all her favourite Dora the explorer items, she kept saying "Wow, Dora is my favourite" and "Wow, Purple is my Favourite". Teddy made his very own card for her and enjoyed the big brother duties of helping.

When all the presents were unwrapped, Teddy said "Sienna, I have another one for you, now close your eyes" when she did, he brought out a huge box and hid in it and made her laugh, he was the best present of all.

We went to the Golden orb cafe with friend Ada and had a nice surprise when Eli turned up with his Mum (Eli often rings up to talk to Sienna and says that he is going to marry that girl)

Auntie Mary and Uncle Bernie came for a cuppa and gave Sienna some beautiful books.
Even our guests sang happy birthday and bought Sienna this cute flashing crown.
Sienna asked to have Wilkes and Mirabelle over for tea which has become the most wonderful Thursday night tradition alternating at each others houses for afternoon tea and a play followed by a bath together, dinner and home for bed.
Then the most beautiful pink fairy called Kim arrived with a little elf in tow, Sienna loved it as did Wilkie and Mirabelle who continued to call her the pink fairy all afternoon. Kim bought Sienna this lovely aqua fairy dress which she promptly put on and danced on the lawn with Liam.
After a roast dinner when all the Daddies joined us, we sang happy birthday again with a mini castle cake (The prototype for the party cake)

What a special day!

We love you funny girl.

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