Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Norfolk Island Show 2008

I made a comment on my facebook account during the week that I was still deciding how much to put in the show this year.
I got a comment back from my brother in law, Dave that 'you will have to build a bigger trophy room for this year'.

Last year at this time, Dave, my sister Mandy and niece Bronte were here, we were all very excited at entering items into our first show here and so were probably over adventurous with the amount of entries.

I messaged Dave back that 'I was definitely NOT attempting to enter the same amount of items and have promised myself not to make a pavlova at 11:30 pm as I didn't have Dave to share a failed flat pancake pavlova with for breakfast on the day of the show.
So true my my word, there was no last minute baking and no handicrafts or art, due to us only arriving home from holidays the week before....... but, that didn't mean that there wasn't plenty to win or grin about.
1st and 2nd place for the Fletcher Christian Acalypha leaves.
W were proud that Fletcher Christian apartments also won the best commercial garden category this year.
1st place for my eggs.

Teddy (drawing) and Sienna (painting) seeing their awards, both for First place.
Mary's 1st place marmalade.Lynlee's award winning beans sold for $6 at the crazy auction afterwards. 3 x Tomatoes(rare at the moment) sold for $35 and 2 Tomatoes sold for $18, luckily it was all for charity.
Beautiful cakes, the first 2 by Simone Emms.
My proudest moment is winning first place for one of the things that Norfolk Island is most famous for, Guava Jelly.
I won both Red and Yellow guava jelly.
My Red guava jelly was made in March & is a lovely dark red colour from Guava's down in my friend Eve's valley.
We ate our supplies long ago, but I hid this jar away in the medicine cabinet for the show.
I had to drive around looking for Yellow guava's(pink flesh inside) I had to beat the wandering cows to the Guava bushes from Steele's point to Cascade.
It was worth it.
the photos need to be entered the week before the show. There was no underwater photography this year, but Sunsets and Weddings were a new category.
Of course, there were plenty of fantastic sunset shots as Norfolk Island has so many scenic vantage points to take sunset photos from.
But I was surprised to be the only entrant in the wedding section, I thought at least a few 70's wedding photos may come out of the closet for a laugh, but as they didn't, I was awarded First, Second and Third in the wedding photography section, so can now classify myself as an award winning Wedding Photographer.
1st place for my Bounty day photo of Bernie.
2nd place for my B&W animal pose of Roany the smiling dog
3rd place for hibiscus flower study.
Another fantastic day.
You can see more on Mary's blog

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