Monday, 20 October 2008

Teddy's amazing art

It is time to re-share what an amazing artist Teddy is becoming.

Happy pine trees and creeks and bridges.
I have just grabbed this handful off the top of the huge pile of art in our lounge room.
This one was started but not finished, it looks like a normal picture minus all the extra details.

A multi level car park and helicopter and Plane.

So much of his day taken up with drawing pictures, all with amazing detail and stories attached to them.

I like the bed and stairs inside the house as well as the big bendy tree & long car.

We are sure that Teddy has Aspergers syndrome (AS) and his drawing is an incredible way of coping and clearing his brain of the pictures that get stored in there.

Lots of eggs in the nest and happy smiling houses.

Most People with Aspergers usually show talent in a chosen field of interest, it is suggested that Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison among other famous people in history would have had AS and that is why they were so fixated and brilliant in their scientific discoveries.

A fast moving city with rubbish tip in the middle.

My nephew with AS knows nearly or every model of car available and all the accessories that come with it, at a young age he knew whether cars were manual or automatic transmission with a t bar or stick shift.

A fairy garden with lots of bugs, mushrooms and flowers.

Teddy seems to have drawing as his focus now in a big way.

I have bought a big box of paper as he gets frustrated when he can't find anything to draw on and he will produce these amazing pictures on both sides of the paper in such a quick amount of time.

Even the stop sign and traffic lights have arms and legs.

The average amount of scenes he will draw will be about 20 per day, he will copy scenes from movies or from a book and will rarely ask for help from Mum.

The pictures seem to be already there in his mind, all he has to do is pick up a pen and draw them down.

Have a look at the roof top of this building, complete with helipad, clothes line and pond. There is even a tiny rabbit next to the waving house and a tiny mouse on the other side of the building.

Hope you enjoy the art of our very special 5 year old boy.

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Tina said...

His artistic abilities are incredible. Blessings upon you all.