Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas wishes from Norfolk

Whatawey Yorley!

Hope you all had a very special day like we did!

I did get some Christmas cards out, but as Christmas crept up so quickly this year, some of our friends and family missed out, our apologies if that was you.
Thankyou for all the ones we received, I really appreciate them and all of the updates.

You may have got these from us via email,
If not, have a look. It is such a funny concept, and all of the other elf yourself's that I have received have been equally as entertaining.

Here is our family elf yourself......


and then Teddy wanted another one, so here is a very cute one of just the kids....


I couldn't resist one final one, there was a perfect photo of Brandt for scrooge yourself......


Take care and have a Very Merry Christmas!

love and friendship,

Tina and the family.


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