Monday, 17 December 2007

Happy First anniversary on Norfolk!

12 months ago tonight, we arrived on Norfolk Island on a delayed flight from Brisbane, farewelled at the airport by our beautiful close friends and My brother Mike and sister in law Kate and nephew and neice, Jake & Jess.

Brandt kissed the tarmac when we arrived and Ted thought that was what you did and copied him.

Our Norfolk Family was all there to meet us at the airport or back at Mary and Bernies house for a late supper before we moved in to our loft that we kindly were allowed to live in for 8 weeks before we moved into  Fletcher Christian Apartments.

Teddy was only 3 and a half and Sienna was only 15 months old, her passport picture looks so little, now that she is a big Miss 2.
We have had a fantastic year of learning about the seasons, enjoying and sharing seasonal fruit and the weather patterns, It has been an amazing learning curve and we are glad every day that we have done it, there will never be any regrets in this family.

We do miss all of our Qld friends and family very much, just like we missed everyone from Sydney when we moved to Queensland in 1998.

When Teddy told me on our last holiday that he wanted to go home, I asked him where home was and he wasn't sure, so we have definately decided that home is where ever our little family are together.

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