Saturday, 8 September 2007

Happy birthday Miss two!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sienna Rose!

I thought that I would share some photos of my big grown up girl...

I had my own reminisce of her newborn photos on Father's day as she was born on Father's day 2 years ago.
I really didn't get any "cute" photos of her until she was 3 months old, at the time, an avid photographer like me was devastated, but now, I only remember from revisiting the boggly eyed newborn ones(I can only giggle at them now,2 years on).

Sienna at 3 months old, finally some cute photos!

PARTY TIME The only party game that I organized this time(unusual for me, I know) was icing your own biscuit, Sienna loved the creative side so much, she decorated them all afternoon. Lots of fun & Yummy too!
Thankyou everyone for your kindness and best wishes for her birthday.
I know that the terrible twos have begun, but she is still our beautiful and precious little girl( and very cheeky!).
This is a fantastic journey the kids are taking us on, I wouldn't miss a moment for the world!

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