Monday, 10 September 2007

as happy as PIGS in MUD!

I love the saying, that someone is happy as a pig in mud. I know two little people who the saying most belongs to!
Another beautiful day here on Norfolk Island. I took my friend Carolyn over to Devon House to meet Auntie Mary and Uncle Bernie.
BUT, my children rarely avoid catastrophe or water or mud on any outing, this one was no different when Teddy discovered a hose right near the pig pen, where my cousin's Charles and John keep their pigs.
We had a good giggle when we first saw them frolicking in the mud, but instructed them to use NO more water, but left them to jump around happily, knowing they now needed a bath anyway, as we then went to Kim and Charles' house (behind Devon house) to visit.
I have since learned that while we were gone, they turned the water back on, but couldn't turn off the tap, so they went to Charles' hardware to ask Raewyne who works there, for help.
When we returned to find Teddy and Sienna missing from around the pig pen, but a bigger muddy puddle in its place, I looked in horror for them through the house, somewhat relieved that they weren't there.
This is where we eventually found them, playing in the massive sawdust pile from the extractor fans at John's joinery.
They were having a ball, and definitely deserved their bath after all that fun.

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