Saturday, 8 September 2007

Carolyn discovers Norfolk's secrets

After a 12 hour delay due to heavy rains from the Qld coast that swept over to Norfolk Island, shrouding us in a heavy mist of rain, My darling friend Carolyn finally arrived. She exclaimed when she landed that she must really love us to come all this way(we know she does).

It only took a day or two to realise the absolute beauty of Norfolk that drew us here, and I loved showing her our fantastic sights, Amazingly though, in her 4 days here with us we only covered about 2/3rds of this 5X8km island, and we hardly delved into the whole historic side of the island. We hoped that a mist would blow in to keep her here, but it wasn't meant to be.......

Carolyn and I did get to enjoy a garden tour here together, like we used to do back on the sunshine coast.

We are sure Neil will be sick of hearing about Norfolk by now and hopefully they will come back together next year for an even longer stay.

Thankyou sooooo Much for your quick and wonderful visit. It was worth it!

We miss you already.........

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