Sunday, 25 March 2007


I was planning on writing this blogpage next week sometime, after Kim had her booked caesarian on Tuesday, well things don't always go to plan........

Charles(my first cousin, who is about 4 months younger than me) and Kim invited Brandt and I to their place for dinner as we have seen alot of each other lately and have a lovely friendship growing, but, we did hesitate as we thought it might be too much for Kim, but she tried to assure us she was making lots to use up all the ingredients in her fridge before she goes into hospital.
She was right, there was enough meat lasagne and vegetarian lasagne(for me) to feed an army, I now realise that Kim must cook when really nesting, I garden, ironically, neither of us scrubbed the kitchen cupboards as expected.
After Dinner, the boys, Brandt and Charles were keen to continue their regular Friday night drinks out, and even more so, as it may be their last one for a while.
Kim and I had a cup of tea, we both share an affinity for chai latte's, and after cleaning up and instructing her to put her feet up and head down, I left with two sleeping children at about 10pm.
At 11:30 Kim rang to ask if the boys had come back here yet as her waters had unexpectedly broken, so I drove to the brewery to find an unsuspecting and very surprised Charles to let him know.
I had an amazing sense of de ja vu, as it was 18 months ago that I drove to pick up Brandt from the pub as I was just starting to go into labour with Sienna.
Anyway, They made it to the hospital, where at a quarter to 2am, a beautiful baby boy, William Mason Christian-Bailey was born via caesarian section.
I got to meet beautiful Liam the next day, and couldnt believe the similarity to Charles, he really is a little mini me.
He is the first Grandson for Mary and Bernie and the first grandchild for Kim's parents John and Karen.

Kim and I made her beautiful belly cast in plaster only 36 hours before Liam was born, luckily we didnt wait until Monday like we were going to...........


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