Saturday, 17 March 2007

These are a few of my favourite things.

Cristina here again.

I like lots of things, there are so many to mention, like my favourite scents being vanilla or coconut(which are my favourite tastes too) but every time I have come to Norfolk island I get to see and collect one of my favourite, favourite things, BEACH GLASS.
Down on the slaughter bay reef at Kingston, which is also my favourite place to pop down for a quick snorkel and to play with the tropical fish, you will find washed up on the rough sand,(which really isn't sand, but bits of shell and coral roughly ground up on the hard reef by the big surf on the other side) tumbled bits of glass.

What happens on this unique island to all the glass bottles? Well, as far as I know, for years it has been tipped over the cliff into swirling surf and rocks, and by the time it has been rumbled and tumbled halfway around the island, to land on the beaches at high tide among the smooth rocks, pebbles, shells and pieces of broken coral.

In the house where we grew up, my Mum always had a jar of multicoloured beach glass in water on her laundry window sill, which she probably collected in the same way I do, by taking some mental time-off to sort and sift through the sands, thinking of nothing else but catching a glimpse of these smooth shiny treasures half buried in the sands.
I also had a jar on the window sill in my kitchen of our house on the Sunshine coast.

The main colour you will find is the browns, from the amber beer bottles.
Next is the various shades of greens like lime, emerald and olive green from wine bottles, then less common, but perhaps because it is harder too see against the sand is the clear glass, from some wine and soft drink bottles, also broken drinking glasses and cooking sauce bottles.
Every now and again, I find a beautiful rare treasure like blue or purple, sometimes an odd bit of terracotta or rumbled piece of broken dinner plate.

I have a few ideas for craft projects that I would like to use the beach glass for, which I am more inspired by at the moment than my paintings, but that may all change again by next week.
In the meantime, I am just going to enjoy sitting in the warm sand, collecting it wile the kids play.
My Mum will be here next month, we may just spend a day at the beach collecting beach glass together.

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