Friday, 16 March 2007

Our Cherubs

Here are our beautiful kids, who are really enjoying playing together. Sienna has finished her baby and toddler stage which makes it much less frustrating for both of them to play well together.

Teddy loves a bit of rough and tumble play as most boys do, but Sienna can join in, hold her own and even give some back. I hope their joy for life and confidence will remain with them always.

Ted and Sia love picking the cherry guavas and eating them fresh from the bushes. YUM!

It is nice to have some fresh fruit, everything is very seasonal here, which is a nice reminder of the simple old days, where you just appreciate what is in season and serve it many different ways.

The Kids love having new guests here all the time, I had to ban Teddy from actually going into their rooms though, but he does pick flowers from the garden and leave them on the doorsteps, or gives them to the ladies. They are both happy to wave and say hello to any guests they see around our grounds or coming and going in their cars, I even heard Teddy asking guests on their way out if they were going to dinner, followed by asking them if they need anything!Mr Hospitality!

They are both copying me on the phone also, Sienna parrots a perfect version of "Hello, Fletcher Christian apartments" and Ted picked up the phone today(pretending) and said "hello, this is Fletcher Christian here, I just want to tell you something, please don't crash any of our cars, Thank you." Never a dull moment around here with two funny kids........

I was a bit embarrassed a few days ago when 2 kids fresh from a bath came streaking up the lawn towards me in the office without a stitch on, leaving the guests to hoot with laughter at me chasing 2 nudie bottoms around the gardens(learning to be just like daddy, running free).

as I said, never a dull moment.

On that note, THE END.

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