Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Happy start to the New Year


Yes it is.

It was an early start to the New Year, Mum, Dad and I got up at 5am and walked up to the top of Flagstaff hill at Kingston to watch the first sunrise of 2009, it was an effort, but very much worth it.

The Norfolk Island Hibiscus.

A fantastic Summer for our tropical peaches, there are too many to eat, so the chooks have had a feast.


Sienna says "Don't you just love me?"

Eli replies "yeah I do, cause you're my girl!" (they are both 3 years old......)

Eli "If you're gonna be a girl cat then I will be a boy cat"

Teddy loves his seascape that his friend KT painted on his face.
I haven't seen a big fiery ball sun set for a while and it had a wonderful audience at Emily bay waiting for the hssssssssss.
Summerfest ended with the spectacular annual burning of the Bounty, held for the first time at Lone Pine.

The Gardens at Fletcher Christian apartments are looking lovely and fresh this summer.

With a few overnight showers keeping everything green and moist and has given Teddy of of his favourite games.
Jump. Whoops!

Smile for Granny
Funny Poppa

Mum is in heaven looking at the bird life, I love the look on Teddy and Mum's faces.

Summer slides at Stevens birthday party, too much fun, even I had to have a go.

A fantastic balmy evening, Se Moosa Bus stayed open late for dinner and some locals provided the bar and music for everyone to enjoy down at Emily bay, it was fantastic.
We picnicked under the pines, Sienna and Wilkie danced away to the music in the golden light of the afternoon.

Nippers had 2 false starts as per usual due to Sunday morning weather, but Finally a perfect day to play on the beach.

Teddy has much improved in beach flags this year, he was usually the first one up at the sound of the whistle and is getting faster on his little legs.
Any time of the year can be enjoyed, but Summer is always extra special.

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