Thursday, 29 January 2009

Sienna begins her preschool journey

After 2 years of dropping her big brother off at Banyan Park Playcentre and reluctantly having to leave after completing a puzzle or two, It is now Sienna Rose's turn to stay at playcentre for the next 2 years before starting her 'big' school journey.
Banyan Park Playcentre is a right of passage for most Norfolk Island children.
It began as a social club of the wives and mothers club who came together for social interaction for themselves and their children, they fund raised diligently and managed with the help of the Lion's club to earn enough to build the present building next to the Banyan tree opposite Norfolk Island central school in Middlegate.

Playcentre is a great play group style centrefor 4-5 year olds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and for the 3-4 year olds on Thursday & Friday.
Tamson enjoying a quiet read while dropping her daughter Abi off. Kids books are addictive.
Wendy, Susie and Sarah have been the long time regular staff at BPP.

On Sienna's first day, she already knew 12 out of the 16 children in her group and they have all got along famously (speaking of famous, she has already entertained her class & teachers with renditions of the Mama mia/ABBA songs)

Sienna is happy to see her best friend 'my darling Wilkie' at Banyan park, no doubt they will get up to plenty of mischief together.
The amazing view out to Philip Island from the yard.
As a confident and heartwarmingly funny little girl, we wish her all the magic, wonder, learning and friendships that she can soak up in these preschool years ahead.

*in 2010 Sienna's baby brother was born. So at age 4 she enjoyed a year being at home with Mum  before going to big school and at the newly formed Montessori Kinderhaus.
Here is her journey to school blog post.

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