Monday, 29 December 2008

winding down 2008

I do like the end of the year.

The fever pitch excitement of shopping, wrapping, cooking, planning, preparing and partying pre-Christmas and then the still calm that is post Christmas when we have given and eaten our fill and received many cards or gifts from loved ones and people who who have been special in our lives (and vice versa).

Teddy's big finish "oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, HEY!" at the preschool Christmas concert.
A day at the races was the 'pinetree tours party theme.

Daddy was Santas helper this time. Teddy knew straight away, but kept the secret right until the end. When he told Sienna, she laughed so hard like it was the funniest joke ever, that Daddy could be santa claus.
It has been a wonderful Christmas season with the big highlight being the arrival of my parents as well as Santa on Christmas eve.

The plane surprised us by arriving early, Brandt was even still the shower. The early arrival ruined my Mum's surprise of walking across the dark tarmac with matching flashing Santa hats and her earrings as we missed it. This didn't lessen the excitement of the first cuddles though.

During late night (Christmas eve, after flight) Coffee and Christmas nibbles at our place, Sienna fell asleep under the Christmas tree and Teddy put himself to bed on the floor.

Teddy asked for a special alarm clock to wake him up on Christmas day, and he needed it as we were making loud sounds to try and rouse both kids from their sleep at 8:30 am. We finally rang the home phone from our mobiles as it always rings and wakes everyone up, it worked.
The kids enjoyed all of their special gifts and surprises on Christmas day.

First stop(after saying good morning & Merry Christmas to us) was to check the stockings hung over the fireplace in the reception lounge of Fletcher Christian apartments.
They past the carrots that the reindeer had eaten and we met Granny and Poppa there who had been awake for over 3 hours waiting for the 2 little ones to wake up.

There were plenty of surprises as Santa had left a magical fairy garden under the fig tree (Teddy quickly christened the area, followed by Sienna) and presents in the tree house Dad had built.

Teddy christened the new garden by relieving himself, closely followed by his copycat sister.
Then there were more in the toy room as well as under the tree.
Teddy looked at the tree and said oh, there is no scooter under there, that is all I asked Santa for, but was pleasantly surprised later to find his scooter folded up in a box.
After a fantastic BBq breakfast cooked by Roy & Brandt, Teddy tested the new scooter which resulted in a skinned knee and lots of tears, so Daddy showed him how to really scooter with style.

We enjoyed a very relaxed family lunch at Devon house on Christmas day.
Set out for huge amount of family, it was very pleasant and festive and we had a giggle at the kiwi crackers.

Brandt's Mobile beer fridge on wheels was again a popular feature for the boy cousins, though they drank much slower than the first year we arrived.

Thanks to Mary and Bernie for having us there to share with them and the rest of the family.
A cuddle with Granny after lunch.
Mary's famous yule log.
The day finished as it did last year with a wonderful glowing sunset.

Boxing day was ful of Yummy leftovers by the beach at Emily bay, followed by a long adventure walk around the golf course to Cemetary bay.

New Years eve was definately a family affair as we shared a swim and a warm, sultry evening by our pool with some friends with children similar ages to ours.

A few small mishaps, Teddy burnt his hand on a sparkler & Sienna bit into her glow bracelet, but after everyone went home tired but happy ( and Brandt went out), I enjoyed a Baileys with Mum and Dad who were waching the Edinburgh tattoo, then I watched the fireworks & bed.

It was lovely.

Our pool has been a huge succes this summer, the weather has behaved like a summer should, unlike last year, it was warm a humid then, but Misty everyday. At least there has been some nice beach days and god snorkelling times for Roy & Sally.

The kids are so much more water confident this year, they are a good age to learn and enjoy the water.

May 2009 bring new and exciting adventures for you all and perhaps a trip to Norfolk Island as well. (one can always have hope)

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