Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Teddy's big day

The big day is finally here.

A new beginning is very exciting!

Here are the pictures of Teddy's first day at school.

All grown up & ready at last.

The family photo.
We all walked to school, but Teddy got a piggy back from Dad up the big hill.
Poppi (big Al ) rang as he got to the pedestrian crossing and Ted explained what he was doing every step of the way (eg. I am wearing my new shoes with grey socks and I am crossing at the crossing across the road from school and I am looking left and now right for any cars that are coming.....)

I managed to get a photo of him next to the school sign but once he heard and saw his friends, he took off to see them.

He was met by his year one buddy, Kye, who was looking after him during school orientation last year. And got some last words of advice from Dad.

I love this! Teddy is so excited, Sienna is less than impressed with all the fuss(not made over her).
Teddy telling Steven..... something.

The new Principal Neil Solomon makes a welcome speech to the kindy parents with a box of Tissues handy, but there weren't too many tears among us.

I was more teary when Ted finished at Playcentre. I think that I like beginnings better than endings.

Sienna and Ruben loved the scones at the Kindy parent's morning tea. Yum.
All the parents relaxed in the school grounds and chatted about future expectations, most of us were just appreciative to make it this far.
Sienna found a quiet moment and seized having the school library to herself, making herself quite at home.

His teacher is Ms. Delaney who also runs the school choir (happy about that, though he can't join until year one) and he has 12 girls in his class and 6 boys (the same numbers and ratios in both Kinder classes). Both Kindy teachers have been absolutely wonderful with communicating and keeping in touch with us about what Teddy is up to, we hope to work well together to make life between school and home an easy transition. Specially made Kindy hats.
His teacher said he did very well on his first day.
When it came time to draw 2 experiences from his first day, he did amazing pictures and the picture of his teacher even looks like her, but then he got carried away and turned himself and the other kids he had drawn into bugs, it was funny.
Ms. Delaney holding his picture up before the purple bug wings and antennae were added to his drawing.

Ted's bag and his 'spot'
Happy smiles for a happy first day.

We walked home all the way in our new kindy hat.
Luckily, Teddy is looking forward to school again tomorrow.

There were more 'firsts and lasts' in our family this week.
Nic has finished primary school where my sister Jenni teaches, they have always been there together, and has started High school in Year 7.
My almost 17 year old nieces Jessica and Alyssa are entering their last year and already have piles of HSC work to do. Lyss is school captain this year which is very exciting and Jess, a very talented dancer has to decide how much dancing she can fit in around her school work this year.
Where one starts, another finishes, just like the flow of life.

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