Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I have always enjoyed Musical Comedies, they were some of my favourite movies as a child, and I could watch them over and over again, especially Fred Astair and Gene Kelly dance sequences. I certainly loved all the glamour of a MGM musical and still love dressing up today.
When my sister Maria performed the lead in her first musical at 15 years old, it was destiny that her little sister would follow in her footsteps and ironic that I would meet my husband also performing in musical comedies.

Brandt and I like doing shows together, with the old saying, the family that plays together, stays together in mind.

Brandt performed in a few one act plays while I was pregnant, and I was lucky enough to be offered a few roles not long after having our children, with some lovely companies who allowed the children to come to rehearsals. We have met some of our closest friends while sharing an affinity with the stage and some quick changes in the dressing room.

We will miss the big musicals while we are here, but I dont think we will be off the stage for long, Brandt is already cast in a play called 'bouncers' here with Norfolk arts theatre to be staged in February next year, and is already enjoying his rehearsal with 'the guys'.

While in Sydney, I had the pleasure of going to see the big budget Priscilla the musical with my parents and sister Jenni, and it didn't disapoint.

I liked the movie so much for its quirkyness and colour and the musical had a few more surprises in it which was fun, it is worth seeing for the costumes alone(not fair though that the chorus boys look better in the dresses than I would as a chorus girl!).

I know what shows are about to be cast 'back at home' and a part of me wishes not to miss out on doing them, but I wouldn't swap where we are in the world at the moment, I will resign myself to keep singing in the kitchen, waiting for the next opportunity to perform.

Here are some photos of some musicals we have been in, some of the photos I have found on websites of the theatre company's that we have performed with.

Looking back at some our shows, I can see we are pretty lucky to still play dress ups as grown ups, I hope that part never changes.

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