Saturday, 14 July 2007

4 ways to celebrate four years!

What a lucky boy, with so many friends and family, 4 big celebrations!

number one celebration; Norfolk Island and Teddy's friends from Banyan park playcentre.
Because Ted has moved from the older class to the younger one, he still has friends in both, but everyone knows each other here and it was a good mix of kids and the mums who stayed had a nice time too (though none of us could fit on the jumping castle) we tried fairy floss from Ted's new fairy floss maker, jumped on the castle, a first for Fletcher Christian apartments, and played pass the parcel and had a pinata, the children had fun in their dress ups, playing in the cubby and drawing on the driveway in chalk.
Sienna&the pinata
tasting fairy floss we made ourselves.
We followed this with a pre state of origin dinner with our Norfolk family and friends for Brandt's birthday, as the football is on 1 and a half hours later than Australia.
State of origin rivalry is alive and well, Mal and Brandt.
number two celebration; Birthday dinner at the surf club, with good friends, Harry and Jackson, who were our first visitors to Norfolk Island, and also with Nonni and Poppi.
number three celebration; Coolum park with so many amazing friends and family(thanks to those who came up from Brisbane) who turned up at 10:30 am despite the freezing weather and grim forecast, we were all rewarded with the weather clearing and warming up and were there for so long, that it got cold again at 4:30pm.

Thankyou everyone, It was fantastic to see all our dear friendly faces again and a few tears at the end of the day to know that it will be a while before we all meet again.

number four celebration; Como pleasure grounds, Sydney. With family and some of our oldest friends, what a lovely warm, sunshiny day.

Teddy decided to disappear and go rock climbing, but was found safe and sound in time for cake, we love that number four candle, but now can give it a much needed rest for another 2 years.
Thankyou all friends and family for helping to make us feel so loved and special.
It was all very exhausting and next year will be a quiet one for Teddy, as Brandt's big 4-0 will take centre stage.

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