Saturday, 14 July 2007


I remember our cousins from Norfolk, when we were kids would love apples as the island doesn't import any fresh fruit and vegetables(but potatoes and onions) and is too warm to grow apples commercially.

We were so used to buying these things most of the year, only noticing the seasonal fruits change when the summer stone fruits came around and you would spend the Christmas holidays enjoying as many apricots and peaches and mangoes as you could.

Now children and most shoppers, don't notice many changes in the seasons as the fruit in the supermarkets are stored in super coolers and bred to look the same all year round.(I will try not to go into my anti- Woolworths campaign at this point, even though I think it is ridiculous to have 4 of their stores near our house in Queensland, all 10 minutes from each other, 3 of which are under 18 months old, when everything in the shop looks and tastes(less) the same! oops, tried but failed!)

So, now my children are the apple munchers!

Here they are enjoying them.

Don't feel sorry for them missing out on apples all year round, as you don't get nice tasty red cherry guavas straight from the tree in your lunchboxes either.

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