Saturday, 21 July 2007

Blessed with so many friends

I have a favourite saying

"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other is gold"

Brandt and I have always said that we are the luckiest people we know.
I dont know if it is an attitude to life that makes us feel lucky or that we are grateful for all the good things we experience, that luck finds us.

Being social, is a way of life for us, we pick up friends easily and like to keep in contact with them(imagine my Christmas card list).
I love to keep in touch with old friends and get disheartened when a friendship falls by the wayside.
I had been looking for my high school friends that I lost touch with when we moved to Noosa from Sydney 9 years ago.
Before we came to Norfolk, I had been scanning lost friends websites and school websites looking for Rebecca and Rachel who are twins, but to no avail.
On the second last day of our holiday in Sydney, my sister Mandy and I ummed and ahhed whether to stop at the Porters paint shop on the way home, it was late and we were tired, but Mum suggested to stop as we both paint and may not get another chance.
So in we went and who should be working there, but Bec, one of the twins.

After the initial scream and lengthy hug, she commented that they had been looking for me too.
We had a lovely catch up on my last night at Mum and Dad's, like no time had passed at all, it is almost 20 years since we left school, but we could have still been 3 giggling 16 year olds on the couch.

I caught up with nearly all of my dear friends while back in Australia, I hope I can get most of them to come and visit us over here soon.

Lovely Carolyn will be our next visitor at the end of August, we performed on stage together in Noosa and both have a love of gardening, I cant wait to show her our amazing hibiscus here.

Keep in touch, dear friends, not a day goes past where you are not in our thoughts.

I know the photos are of mostly my friends, but even though I didnt take any of you this time around boys, especially Crazy Dave, you know we still love you anyway.

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