Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A Rose and her Flowers

Sienna Rose, not just a pretty name and a pretty girl.(even though my sister Jenni says that the name is just right for an artist, as it is 2 colours, light brown,light pink)

I am Cristina Rose.

Rose is a family name which I proudly share, it is not just a pretty add on to a name, to me it is the name of my lovely Nana's baby sister.
Aunty Rose had polio as a child, but got to live to a ripe old age.
I remember travelling to England and celebrating my 5th birthday there(though I didn't like the balloons popping)at one of the other Aunties townhouses at Sheerness by the sea, and trying to entertain Nana's brothers and sisters(she was one of 7)by grabbing Aunty Rose's cane and doing the Mexican hat dance around a hat in the lounge room, and Rose laughing so hard, I guess at the exuberance of a five year old trying to be the clown. (What a funny memory to have, it was 30 years ago, I may have remembered it differently to what actually happened in case one of my own family corrects me, but like I said, it was an amazing memory for a 5 year old, there is a photo of it at Mum's, I will try to get hold of it next time I am there.)
But enough about me.

I have a predecessor in the making people laugh category, two actually, but this is about my little princess.

There are too many stories to print here about what she is getting up to lets just say that Crayola washable markers are the best invention, but.........

I had to share these photos of my girl.

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