Tuesday, 5 June 2007

higher, higher, HIGHER!

Some children dont like swings or the motion, I have seen a few babies really feel motion sickness in a swing, but not mine.
Both Teddy and Sienna have both loved swings every since they were very small always giggling when pushed on one, now in the playground, a chant can always be heard, higher mummy, higher!

I thought that these photos spoke volumes by themselves of my wonderful little man with his gorgeous smile, doing what kids do best, having fun.

I hope they make you smile too.

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Shell said...

Hi Four Macs! It's Michelle, i tried to email u yesterday, but am wondering if u got it as I figured it's fourmacs@norfolk.nf? on the postcard it has fourmacs.norfolk.nf?
which is it? anyway you are having a fab time & it looks incredibly gorgeous over there! Your babies are so grown up, wow teddy is a little man thats for sure, he is a stunner! Sienna has grown fast, she not such a baby now! Tell me about your adventures - my home email is michellemiller7@bigpond.com and work is michele.miller@aph.gov.au
How long are you staying over there? Would love to see you again soon!