Wednesday, 20 February 2013


This is a post about sone amazing artwork done by the youth of Norfolk Island.

A competition was organised for the youth of Norfolk Island to produce some works of art for the display room at the entrance of the Norfolk Island National Park's Botanic Gardens.

My friend Michelle posted first so I will let you pop over to her blog here to see what happened while I continue to a different story about perspective.

You see Michelle's son deservedly came first in the competition with amazing painting of a native hibiscus flower (or white oak) while Teddy came second with a great picture of Captain cooks monument using the amazing perspective that he seems to have always had. This time he used lots of colour which surprised me as he is normaly a black pen on white paper kind of guy.

The day of the presentation I opened an old colouring book for Jasper and was so surprised to rediscover some of Teddy's drawings when he was 3 and 4.
I am trying not to compare the two boys at 3 as they are completely different in skill and abilities.

This is Jaspers not so interested attempt at colouring in while Teddy even at age 3 used to bypass the whole colouring in book and go to the black back cover and draw things like these incredible trees.

I have mountains of homemade books with his incredible drawings in. I am so glad I have kept them, though they take up quite a bit of storage, its worth it.

Does this put things into perspective? Well, I think we can safely say that although Jasper had a 25% chance of also being on the autism spectrum, at just 3 we can see no signs of it.

So proud of Teddy. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Later at age 4 buildings began emerging complete with clotheslines and helicopters (We have NOTHING like this on our little island, so the idea must have come from somewhere in his imagination.)

Here is the link to some of Teddy's earlier work
computer and sketches

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