Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sketches, computer clicks and happy snaps.

Squirrel in the tree. Crossing the deep river
I would like to share with you my clever little man's pictures both drawn with the computer and with a pen.

My sister Jenni showed Teddy how to use computer paint when she was here in March and since then he has produced many a masterpiece.

But his drawings are fantastic too(especially now that he is holding his pen correctly Auntie Jenni).

I remember that my niece Abbey was corrected when she had gone 'off task' in preschool when she was asked to colour in stencil sheets. Instead, the very creative Abbey would draw extra things on the farm that it probably needed, not just colouring in the cow.
(I drew the map & Ted added the extra trees, cars and animals, now he draws his own maps and copies pictures out of books himself.)

Now it looks as though Teddy seems to be doing the same.
Playground with animals and trees and ponds for the ducks.
I am constantly amazed at the detail that he draws into his pictures, of course each drawing comes with its own story (and it is usually very long with lots of hand gestures) but,all are pretty clever for someone who has just turned 5.
These are some of his earlier drawings from a month ago, Since then he has been drawing from Sun up to Sun down ( I wish I could too) and he is getting better and more amazing each day.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Norfolk & Philip Island Lark on the ark
Using paint on the computer, Teddy has come up with these clever pictures, creatively titled, though we had to edit the titles as they were a story in themselves.

Car with a lost crown and some sheep too Dog & Cake

Deep deep dark sea

I have to share with you a funny phenomenon that keeps happening every time I load photos from my camera to the computer. Strange and unusual images appear. I know that I haven't taken any of these photos. Suddenly a clue appears, then lots of clues.
I now am getting the picture of what my children are getting up to when I go up to work in the office (though I suspect Sienna more than Teddy.)

I thought I would share some of Sienna's collection.

A self portrait of Sienna's leg and a person she has drawn on herself too.
It is a nice insight into their 'world'.

And Finally, one of Sienna's little egg people that she draws.
Isn't it cute.

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Karen said...

Love the kids paintings Tina, cant wait until William is sending me drawings he has done. John did get a drawing in a card for his birthday and I must say for a 16mth it wasnt too bad. maybe we have some budding artists int he family
Love Karen Mason