Sunday, 6 February 2011

A first Birthday party.

 What an absolutely perfect day to celebrate a first birthday with a party at the Salthouse overlooking Emily bay, Norfolk Island.
There was no fighting to get the best picnic spot as there are so many around Emily bay, we had the whole headland to ourselves.

The party guests started arriving, Jasper seemed to know just what to do with his presents, he had some practise at Christmas time.

 Cousins Liam and Nate ready to party.
Daddy kept the BBQ fired up all day with sausages and chicken kebabs, Jasper helped. Mummy cut up cold watermelons and rockmelons.

 The older brothers and sisters played in a nearby rockpool at low tide, they all said that it was like a warm bath.
Don't you just love Sienna's bikini?

 Jasper's cow cake, full of his beloved MOOOOO's.
Gotta love artificial colour free smarties and 100's and 1000's (we blew it later with the jelly though ☺)

 Never a proper family photo in our family.
 Jay Jay not happy, he wants the cake!!!!
 Yay! Happy now.

After cake there were some sand castle competitions, with 6 teams of the older children, they were all fantastic so everyone received a freddo frog.

Just before leaving, we all had a cold stripey rainbow jelly, perfect for a hot summers day.

 With party officially over, it was time to play with Jasper's new toys under the shade of the Norfolk Island pine trees.
 Beautiful Emily bay was too nice to leave, so we stayed all day. Shifts of friends came and joined us all day long.

 Being a 1 year old party boy can be so tiring!

I got to go for a snorkel while the kids were having a chill out time. Look at my beautiful fishy friends.

We eventually stayed for so long that friends who had left in the morning returned late in the afternoon after their lunch and rest time.
Here is Sienna and Wilkie greeting each other again like long lost friends!
What a magical, wonderful day!

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