Thursday, 3 March 2011

Baby Photos

There are several reasons for this post

1. Jasper has entered the Bonds baby search and I wanted to show these cute photos that I took of the children, inspired by Mila's daydreams creator Adele Enersen.

2. Everyone has their opinion about who Jasper does and doesn't look like, so like I did on this blog when he was six months old, I will give you a few 1 year old photos to compare the children to, then you can make up your own mind if he is just like his brother and sister or himself.

Teddy at 1 year old

Sienna at 1 year old                        Photos coming soon.

Jasper at 1 year old

3. I posted this photo of me as a young girl posing while singing into a skipping rope, this was the photo that I really felt that she could have been my twin in both looks and personality traits, performing at every chance is in the blood.

Me aged 5

my daughter Sienna aged 5

Vote for Jasper in the bonds baby search here
*voting closes on the 17th of March 2011
I could have entered other better photos of him in his bonds suits, but liked the quirkyness of his Koala shot as it was 'different'.

Here are some photos of baby Jasper that could be his baby model shots, he is such a naturally smiley baby with such a nice happy personality, very easy to photograph (even if I wasn't his mother☺).

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