Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy First Birthday baby boy!

If you can believe it, Jasper is ONE today!

I have enjoyed every minute of the past 12 months since I first got to hold my gorgeous baby boy, knowing it is our last baby after 3 makes each moment very special and a cherished one.

Today was dedicated to Jasper fun, as it was Sienna's last day at home before she begins school, she had her friend Abi along for the day.

Although he didn't really know what to do with all the presents, he seemed amused that his brother and siser were so excited over everything. I am sure that he will be tearing the paper off  and fully aware next year.
We made a birthday request on the radio which was hard to do as he is not quite into any groups yet such as the wiggles etc, he just likes all music. So, I chose Happy Together by the Turtles as it summed up how I feel about my lovely little family.

First stop after the school drop off was The Olive cafe where Jasper got to have his very own babycino and marshmellows.

Then to the park, although everything is a little high at the playground for a ground dweller, he enjoyed the swings.
At the post office, there were 3 more parcels for Jasper to open (lucky boy).

Then, home for a baby nap while Abi, Sienna and I made a chocolate cake and icing.


Time to pick up Teddy from school and then a trip up to walk in the wild and mini golf. We should rename walk in the wild to a crawl in wild as Jasper loved it, he shuffled though all the leaves on the rainforest floor, even rolling down the hills off the pathways and coming up laughing.
Home again for dinner with Daddy then the chocolate cake.
By the time we sang happy birthday to him, he seemed to know what was going on, even trying to join in to sing.
Happy Birthday my beautiful baby Jasper, always full of smiles and happiness.

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