Monday, 19 April 2010

Pirates everywhere. Aargh me hearties.

There have been a few Pirate parties around Norfolk, each has been different and unique as well as highly entertaining for both big and little people.
I had been planning this post for a while as we have been to 4 Pirate parties now here on the Island so, after a year, here is the post.
My little cousin 
Liam's 2nd Birthday, the first of the Pirate themed parties that we attended on Norfolk Island.
Kim went all out and even made fantastic Pirate outfits for all the kids.

I drew the game 'pin the eyepatch on Pirate Liam' which was lots of fun, we all loved the jumping castle too.

Liam's Pirate cake was fantastic.
These are my Icecream cone cakes. Good for little hands to hold on to during parties.
Choose a microwavable cake recipe, place 2 dessertspoonfuls of cake mix in each cone, place 4 at a time in microwave for approx 1 and a half minutes, cool and top with plenty of butter icing and sprinkles.
I wanted to paint a personal pirate painting for Liam. The close up shows real wooden buttons for coconuts and the 2 pirate mateys guard the treasure chest with real beads and gems glued on.
Liams name is also on a flag on the ship in the background.

Julian's 40th ~ An adults Pirate party complete with full size ship and Pirate cake and treasure chest.
A swashbuckling good time was had by all.This Pirate ship cake was amazing.

Twins Jasmine and Flynn's Pirate and fairy princess 5th birthday party was an all day adventure full of imagination and organization.
Parents Joanna and Brooke had made an amazing large Pirate ship in the yard from Post office packing cardboard.
Teddy walks the plank.
Story time in the Pirates den.The children were each given a treasure map and followed the good Capt'n Brooke around the different 'lands' on their property and complete tasks such as, looking for the key on Pirate palm Island that would unlock Capt'ns footlocker back a his camp or look for the message in the bottle in the enchanted forest  Island and read a pirate story in the Pirates den.Palm trunk cannonsIt was a fantastic day full of imaginative games and the children loved throwing water bombs at the end of the day at their good Capt'n.Younger brother Theo couldn't understand why he was the only child in the family not having a birhday, so he got to join in the celebrations with his Happy NO Birthday Dinosaur cake.

Liam's 3rd Birthday party ~ Loving bein' Pirates, Aargh.

The Amazing Kim also made Pirate and Pirate princess outfits for all the children attending.
Traditional Pirate Fare
Pirate ship sandpitJaspers first dress up party at 6 weeks old.

  The S.S inflatable Pirate ship with hose cannons, jumping castle and sandpit, so much fun as were the water balloons at the end of the day.

Norfolk Island people sure know how to party.
Well done yorlyi, we have had a wonderful time at your parties, celebrating with you.

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