Monday, 29 March 2010

Ships and more ships to Norfolk Island.

Being on an Island and surrounded by lots of water in the South Pacific ocean, ships have been a huge part of every islanders way of life.

It has either brought supplies or people here such as back in the convict settlement times or the Bounty desendants arriving on Norfolk Island from Pitcairn Island on the Morayshire back in 1856.

Now, we rely on cargo ships to bring all sorts of Supplies to the Island, from grocery items to horses and cattle and the cars and buses that drive the tourists and ourselves all around the 170km of roads on this 5x8km island.

Our Cargo ship is called 'The Norfolk Guardian', It sets sail fully loaded from Yamba in NSW and arrives here on Norfolk for unloading the old fashioned way by local stevedores on lighters pulled by a launch.

Giftware like coasters,mugs, placemats and stubbie coolers with photos of The Norfolk Guardian and buses and Trucks coming in on the Lighters can be purchased from Image gallery on Norfolk Island
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The Guardian will then sail on to New Zealand and then fully loaded back to us.

Our Local supermarket here on Norfolk Island, Foodland, stocks both Australian and New Zealand grocery items, though we have strict quarrantine laws and dont import fruit and vegetables except onion, potatoes, ginger and garlic. All local produce is grown fresh here on the Island, although seasonal, you can't get any fresher than our own backyards.

When we woke up this morning (26/3) We had a lovely treat as P & O's Pacific Sun had arrived just outside Norfolk Island at Cascade.

Preparation had been underway for months some last minute beautifying the town iced the cake, now we just had to wait for our new visitors to arrive.

Amazingly, The Pacific Sun fits more people on it than live on Norfolk Island.
About 2000 can stay on the Pacific Sun and about 1600 to 1800 people live on Norfolk Island.

To find out more about how the cruise ship visit went please visit our community blog, Norfolk Island Happenings that I also write for. CLICK HERE

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