Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Se Moosa Bus

This is our beloved Se Moosa bus.

It is our roving mobile canteen on Norfolk Island, always available at the Markets, local football, netball and at the beach all Summer for Hamburgers, Chips and Iceblocks as well as nice coffees and hot chocolates.

I remember lining up with my older sister for a treat when I spent a summer here at 10 years of age, 25 years before we moved to Norfolk Island, but I will have to ask a local what bus it was back then.

Lovely Owners Kellie and Tosca are the school canteen ladies also among many other things.

Last year, we enjoyed dinner from se moosa bus and a music night as we watched the sun set over Emily bay.

Se Moosa Bus in the Norfolk Language means to nearly burst as in having eaten so much, you could nearly burst or moosa (nearly) bus (burst or bust).

Someone showed me photos of the bus when it was new being lifted off the ship recently, sadly, I can't remember who it was, so can't ask them to scan the photos.
Then my brother sends me an email today with the scanned photos, Thanks for reading my blog Mike.

Here is the actual bus as it came off the ship at Kingston, December 1987.

It was ready to go with all it's war paint on and was fitted out as the Pinetree tours bus for the light and sound show.

This Iconic feature of Norfolk Island is up for sale and it would be a shame for the local kids (and their Mums and Dads) to not see it down the beach each Summer.
If you are interested in purchasing this piece of modern Norfolk Island History, being your own boss, having this amazing view at work all summer long and Living on Norfolk Island, leave a message in the comment box.


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