Monday, 23 November 2009

Emily Bay Magic

This is going to be a lovely Summer.

Just look at the most beautiful Emily bay on Sunday.

Pristine Crystal clear waters full of tropical fish and corals, clean sand and friendly locals.

There are never so many people at one time that you couldn't find a 10 metre radius by yourself, there is plenty of room for everyone, not that you have to be alone, there are plenty of welcoming, chatty locals to talk to as they too enjoy the best that Norfolk Island has to offer, while relaxing on the warm sand or in the warm, clean water.

Children join in group sandcastles and are happy to share each other's sand and water toys or just swim and play together.
A favourite place to head to is a floating pontoon in the middle of Emily bay or 'the raft'. This has been here since I was a child and enjoy that my children are planning to swim out to the raft to jump off or meet their friends there.

I think these picture speak for themselves.

If you have never experienced Norfolk Island or Emily bay, please put it on your *bucket list, but then again, why wait? Hope to see you here soon.

*A Bucket list is a list of things to do or acheive before you die or...kick the bucket.

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