Thursday, 17 December 2009

Three years in Paradise

Today the McRitchie family celebrate 3 years since we arrived on Norfolk Island.

Every day is a blessing, some have been easy, some have had challenges but we certainly have not looked back as we believe that we are in one of the safest, most natural and enjoyable communities in the entire world.

Norfolk Island has always been in my heart and once Brandt came to the island on holidays it has been where his heart lays also.

It wasn't until we moved out to our house here at Bucks Point in August that Teddy really settled on the island and stopped mentioning going 'home' to the sunshine coast, Even though he has just spent his first year at school and came through with flying colours.
 Sienna has come along for the ride no matter where we are, but we will have all new challenges when baby number 3 arrives in January.

Here are the children 3 years ago when we arrived, amazingly Teddy now 6 will have spent 4 of his Christmas's on Norfolk Island and Sienna at 4 will have spent 3 of her Christmas days on Norfolk.

The weather is here is so perfect, who can complain about 24 degrees with 80% humidity to keep us warm and glowing, I feel so comfortable even at 8 months pregnant without those intense Queensland summers.

We are off to the Norfolk Island pageant and street party tonight which will be a fantastic celebration of the wonderful 3 years we have spent here, we look forward to many more to come.

  Merry Christmas everyone

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