Friday, 18 September 2009

Tea Parties for the September Girls

There is something very girly about a tea party and very special.
As Adults, we run out of time to play tea parties with our friends, but as you may know, I have never grown up and am still happy to play tea parties with my friends and my childrens friends.

Sienna's early morning present opening.

Sienna and I both have Birthdays in early spring and we both decided to have tea parties. 

Sienna had a girly one and I had a high tea.
While preparing for Sienna's party, she entertained us with a fashion parade of all her new dress up clothes.
The glittery edible decorative letters on Sienna's cake were ordered online. They are beautiful, very affordable and handmade by Meagan Cachia who was very helpful in sending them through to us.
You can order these and many more cake topper decorations from Meagan

Meagan Cachia

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This is the invitation to my high tea

To celebrate the start of spring, our new house, a wonderful life and all my lovely lady friends,

You have been invited to High tea at #2 Uncle Joes Rd,(off Martins road).Saturday the 19th of September 2009. from 2pm

The rules of high tea are that it is served between breakfast and dinner to keep all of us dainty ladies going.
Everything is served in tiny bite sized pieces, so all get to sample everything without filling up.

My rule is it is ladies day to have fun with, so we have to wear something flowery or a hat or something that fine ladies like us would be seen in while going to fashionable places like to Waldorf Astoria or the Plaza or to maybe the races at Ascot.

Tea and Champagne and lemonade will all be served and you are welcome to stay as long as you wish.

Please bring a small plate of tasties and a bottle of your favourite poison.

I hope you can come and enjoy some Fun, there will be a lucky door prize and a prize for the best dressed in a flowery sort of way.

Please see the attached document on the fine art and ideas for high tea.
Your friend,

This was the write up in the local paper, Norfolk online, by my friend Jenny Jauczius.


Last Saturday, from 2 pm onwards, a group of ladies gathered at Cristina McRitchie‘s place in Buck‘s Point to enjoy high tea‘, and celebrate the onset of spring.Sitting on the back deck, dressed in our best  many with flowers in their hair  it seemed the ideal way to spend a September afternoon.
 The view across their sunlit valley, with lofty pines spread out against the sea and white terns swooping and soaring, was superb.
 There was an amazing spread of sweet and savoury nibbles  dainty treats to tempt every palate  and the table, laid with pretty plates and vases of colourful flowers, was a feast for the eye.
 For liquid refreshment there was the traditional tea or coffee, lemonade and plenty of bubbly‘! The guests,freed from chores and other commitments for a few hours, were content to relax, chat and appreciate the tasty high tea.

Dressing up to eat elegant snacks and sip tea, in a lovely setting, is definitely a custom that needs to be revived. It was a bit like playing tea parties‘, but lots of fun.
Norfolk Online‘s own Gae Christian wore a bright, red frock with a floral pattern and won the award for best flowery dress.Cristina was a gracious hostess, making sure everyone was looked after, and a good time was had by all. It was quite inspiring; I‘m now looking for an excuse to whip up some scones and get out the tea-cups and cake stand at my place.
(Jenny Jauczius)
We had too much fun, and not wanting it all to end, I suggested we take ourselves and our tea cups or champagne glasses for a wander down the street which we did and it was a very pleasant way to finish.

Of course all good parties must come to an end, our little princess found it all exhausting, but I am already looking forward to the next one.

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