Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I usually sing that song too for the first 2 weeks of December.

Wow. December has rolled on quickly,
I had better get the decorations up before it is time to take them down again.

We love how the town here evolves and becomes more sparkly.

Norfolk Island always has that wonderful community spirit and sense of humour and it is lovely to be given little smiles everywhere, even the skies smile down on us.

It also feels extra special here at Christmas with the Norfolk pines scenting the air. These trees even make their own stars and are spectacular when silhouetted by a sunset.

Someone in the community is always generous enough to let you have one of their small trees from the garden for a live Christmas tree display.

At the end of November,Teddy, Sienna and I made a quick trip to Sydney. As Teddy was starting Kindergarten at Norfolk Island Central school next year, we thought it was a good time to be assessed for Aspergers syndrome.

It was wonderful to catch up with our family again, to sample yummy summer fruit and to do some special city things for our island kids.

We headed on the train to the city to the Museum to see Dinosaur bones which are a favourite topic in our house at the moment (even though they are all 'stinked')

We loved the fountain in Hyde park & new water Lily ponds near St. Mary's cathedral.

But especially the effort made by David Jones & Myer to make Christmas a magical experience for everyone.
The DJ's front window is special with all of its working parts and sooo much to look at with Elves getting ready for Christmas, our Children were glued to the window, taking it all in.

The Magical Santa's cave upstairs is so extra fantastic, Teddy and Sienna kept saying WOW!

We met Santa,

Sienna told him his beard was soft and asked him where he lived.

Teddy told him to bring the reindeer's for some carrots and gave him directions back to our house.

Teddy has asked for a scooter and a dollhouse for his sister, Mummy had already requested these from Santa months ago before I knew that is what they wanted.
Teddy loved talking to David to magical talking tree, especially as it talked back to him and answered ALL of his questions.

We then visited the Myers display which had a real mini train and a place to email Santa when he got back to the North pole.

Granny and Poppa set up their nativity scene on the tv, both the television and nativity set have been around since I was a child which was a nostalgic trip for me. They also drove us around to see lots of houses lit up with lights.

I haven't been around to see Norfolk lights yet, but I am sure there are some impressive ones, some people add a new section to their house everyday.

Today, we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary of moving to Norfolk Island, it will be my 5th Christmas here and our 3rd in a row.

My parents, Roy and Sally arrive on Christmas eve and the kids are just as excited about seeing them here as they are for Santa to come.

I know we said we would only be here for 2 years and we are getting emails from our friends asking when we will be coming 'home', but as we tell the kids, Home is where we are and where our hearts are, so Norfolk Island, Weyba Downs on the Sunshine coast and Grays point will always be home.

As to where we will physically be, I don't know, we will come to that bend in the road sometime or rather.

For now,

Love lots,

Laugh often,


Dance like no one is watching,

Sing like no one can hear you


Live like you are on heaven on earth.