Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Burleigh Bodgies come to Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Islands own Golden Oldies Rugby team, the Creaky old convicts were looking forward to a team from the Gold coast coming to play and socialize with them, we were also looking forward to it as they were staying with us at Fletcher Christian apartments.
Their trip was a short and sweet 4 nights of jam packed fun.

The Norfolk team were at the airport to meet and greet and there was some welcome kisses from Carol for our new rugby friends.

Brandt said he was bringing a truck for all the bags as Gary was driving them to the apartments in a small bus.

Unfortunately Brandt brought what we call 'the wheelbarrow' instead of his big work truck which amused the Bodgies, especially as this was their first memory to be had on Norfolk.

We settled them in and gave them the game plan for the week starting with a game of friendly touch(there were more injuries during this game than the main game)
This was followed by a welcome fish fry at the parish centre. They brought with them, their Mascot, a kangaroo called 'Wally' who was to be looked after by their team's rugby trip virgin Gerard.

Each morning, the Bodgies met in the BBQ area, and I thought they were being healthy having an orange juice, but they actually started the day(or continued the night) with a vodka and orange. As the president told me, they aren't a rugby club that enjoys a drink, they are a drinking club that enjoys a game of Rugby.

All of the team got to explore the island and see Norfolk's special and unique sights, while the rest of us on Norfolk had time for our day jobs.

A fine session was held each night and fines were handed out by the president for various misdemeanors that occurred that day or club rules that were broken.
This is why it is called Rugby on the Rock or Rugby in the Ruins, the playing fields are among our convict ruins and amazing restored Georgian buildings.
The boys in the studio for a Radio Interview on local Radio Norfolk
The 'Main game' was enjoyed by all for it lighthearted and fun Golden Oldies spirit.
Wally was a great sideline referee.

Spirits were high anyway, helped along by Raewynne, Juliette, Helen & Jill who man the Bar tent.

Carol added extra 'spirit', it was her turn with the drenching gun, filled with local Norfolk Liqueur, "Convicts Curse".
So many willing participants, except local MLA and respected businessman, Ian.
The BB's kept up the laughs & generously gave out fun gifts after the game.

This followed again by party time and dinner at the sporties, we were entertained by Ebony & Ivory (Eddie & Brandt) and by the all stars as everyone joined in.

Sienna was helping to look after Wally for Gerard as she loves kangaroo's.
Carol wanted to look after Wally too.

We finished the trip off with a farewell BBQ at Fletcher Christian apartments, but the weather gave us a scare, so we organized the Marquee which fit so well against out BBQ pavilion, we now know that it can be used if needed for other Fletcher Christian events.

So much fun was had with more fines being dealt out and Thankyou gifts, Brandt got a signed BB's shirt to go with his signed football shirt collection, I was given a beautiful plant and purple pot which sits happily at my front door. Teddy was given a football and Sienna was given Wally the team mascot, and she slept with it every night for a few weeks.
We bought the team a new Mascot, called Fletcher the convict bear. (yes I know that Fletcher Christian wasn't in the convict settlements here, but the name was catchy and appropriate from our apartments, and they don't make a mutineer bear, only a mutineer beer at the brewery)
Notice Teddy has his hands over his ears(Sorry Trent.)
A huge Thanks to John Finnegan(with his matching camera to mine except for all of his extra accessories) for contributing his and others photos, as I am having computer troubles and unable to upload mine at the moment.
We look forward to the Burleigh Bodgies arrival in Norfolk Island for Rugby on the rock in August 2009 for a whole week! I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Thanks everyone from the BB's, you kept it all fun & gave us some good ideas for our rugby trip away to Christchurch.
P.S, did you know that Mal got more injuries in the middle of the night than on the playing field?
Night one, a midnight fight with the ironing board.
Night two, tackling the corner of a wall with one's forehead is not a good idea.
The Bodgies got to the airport at 6:30 am in the dark to check in, when the flight took off at 8am, a small group came to help dismantle the marquee, so we took a leaf out of the Bodgies handbook and re-lit the BBQ and cooked sausages and had breakfast beers.

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