Saturday, 19 January 2008

Summer has returned and kids club was a blast.

After a wet to start to the year, a Sunny Summer has finally arrived, so Summer will be shorter than usual, but it is always lovely here in March and April too and very mild all winter long.

Teddy went to Norfk kids club and Teddy had a ball.

All the kids took off on the Bounty bus, every morning for 2 weeks,singing songs on their way to different parts of Norfolk Island. Finally, the sun came out to play and the kids got to go to the beach. Building Sandcastles and dams, snorkelling and eating homegrown watermelon were all favourite things to do there.
I went to join the kids club bus there one day and caught Ted in action on a boogy board as he caught wave after wave on a shallow stretch of sand as the tide was coming in.

Teddy learned to make incredible sand cities, which he practised in our sand pit at home.
He also loved Mini golf, water bomb fights, Mr Lettuce's hand made pine pencils, but mostly Peter and Margaret Christian's place with their trampoline, and Khan taking him for rides on the motorbike, and the grass tobogganing behind Khan's ute.

Thankyou Taan, Kath, Mr Lettuce and Khan for a wonderful 2 weeks, we had a SMASHING time and we are looking forward to the next one.

And then with the return of the summer came the return of Nippers, Norfolk Island style at Emily bay.
Brandt who was a sunshine beach nipper himself was looking forward to helping out.

The water was Crystal clear and it was a glorious day, Teddy was learning the ropes in more than one way, and of course, Sienna wanted to do whatever her brother did, so it wont be long before she is grabbing the beach flags too.

Another beautiful day in paradise!

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