Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Cobwebs, waterfalls and muddy puddles.

During our fantastic weird weather phenomenon recently, we were all a little house bound due to wet rainy days and then the thickest fog that I have ever seen, that didn't last for an hour or two like we have experienced on the Sunshine coast, before it burns off to reveal a hot sunny day. This fog lasted for a week and a bit, blotting out all but a tiny peek of sunshine that would tempt us on rare occasions.
But when it did mostly clear away to reveal an overcast day, we all thought it was a lovely clear day and set out to enjoy it.

I got to resume my early morning walks, and the different views that went with it, my favourites are the dew covered spiderwebs, they are easy to spot when they glisten.

They always look pretty, whether the webs are spun in plants,flowers on houses or barbed wire fences. It is when the dew dries up that they start to look a bit ordinary and in need of a broom to sweep them away from the eaves.

I have been having camera trouble lately, with both of my well loved cameras needing some R and R at the camera hospital before their 1st anniversary of living with me, I missed alot of perfect shots, and only managed these couple.

When we came out to play, we really came out to play! Kim suggested that we go mud sliding at cockpit waterfall with the kids, we had driven in to the reserve before, but not actually walked to the waterfall. We were well rewarded for doing so as it was beautiful. The goat trail that let us there was a touch precarious as we had a tight clasp onto our children's hands till we got to the top, but wisely ventured no further down.
Rob, a professional photographer here who owns a fantastic gallery across the road called 2899( Norfolk Island's postcode) was right at the bottom taking photos of the waterfall, so I cant wait to see how his photos turn out.

Brandt wished that he could climb down and have a swim in the pool under the waterfall, but was content to take the kids one at a time in a smaller pool further up the rocks.

Teddy wanted to go in first and loved it, Sienna will do anything that Teddy does, but found it a bit cool in the pool and clung to her Daddy like a baby possum.

She ended up loving it, especially with a cuddle from Daddy.

When they were dry, both kids had another go at grass sliding down the hill on my boogy board, but the grass wasn't slippery enough to go really fast and there weren't any muddy tracks left by other kids.
Charles took baby Liam for his first go and wanted to take him right to the top of the hill, they compromised on half way, but stopped still on a patch of grass, so resorted to Kim pulling them down the hill.

We didn't get as dirty as we thought we would or go as fast as the boys would have liked, but it was still tonnes of fun to shake off any wet weather blues.

As always a big rain shower leaves my children's favourite outside plaything, 'Muddy Puddles'.

There is a particular favourite one where you park the cars at Mary and Bernie's house.

They always end up wet and a little muddy after running through the puddle, but it is always lots of fun.

A nice warm bath and a cuddle after all that puddle jumping.

Of course with tropical lows and then the edge of Cyclone Funa, Norfolk Island had some big seas which provided fun for anyone with a board.

Here is Brandt on some waves at Kingston, before the seas rose.

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