Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sienna and Jane the cat............

Just like me, Sienna loves animals........ a little too much.

I had been planning this blog for a while as there has been so many wonderful photo opportunities where Sienna will just sit and love Jane, other times(unfortunately) Jane will be carried around the house by her head and Sienna will refuse to hand her over stating that Jane is 'my dat'.

Sienna and Teddy have been very good at feeding Jane her breakfast and seem happy to do so when asked especially when I have found Sienna sharing Janes cat biscuits one time too many. yummy!

I have also on numerous occasions looked around for a too quiet Sienna, to find them both cuddling behind a curtain, in the bedroom wardrobe, the pantry and in our fig tree, hidden by the huge leaves, even just before our last holiday, I found them inside our big suitcase on the verandah, they both hid really well and it was only a giggle that gave them away.
Unfortunately, every love story has to come to an end and this one did last night when Jane who had been more than patient with our toddlers affections over the past year gave Sienna a 'leave me alone scratch' which unfortunately was too close to Sienna's eye for comfort.

So the search is on, for a happy home for our kitten size cat to spend her remaining days, which were going to be very, very short if Brandt had his way.

Jane is now living in exile in our tack room, very comfortably I might add with a split level home and lots of carpet roll offcuts to sleep in, but we can't keep her there for long.

I will keep you posted on her outcome, in the meantime, please enjoy these lovely images of my bubbly 2 year old and her 'dat'.

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littlejess said...

wow true soul mates, i think.
a very pretty pusspuss 2.