Monday, 6 August 2007

A Wonderful winters day!

Norfolk Island has no frosts during winter, but lovely warm and sunny winter days, with the occasional cold wind blowing in from either New Zealand or Australia and sometimes a downpour of rain or two followed by brief grey skies or low cloud and mist shrouding Mount Pitt.

But there was none of the variable weather changes on Thursday, just sun and a slight breeze on the water.

Some of our lovely guests here at Fletcher Christian took Teddy out with their 4 year old boy, Joel, to go fishing from the Pier at Kingston.

Sienna and I caught up with them at Emily bay, after both boys had had a splash in the water with their clothes on and were now wearing nothing but a towel.

When Teddy saw me coming, he took great delight in dropping the towel and streaking across the beach, followed by Joel and then by Sienna trying to tug her clothes off too.

Can you believe this perfect winter day, no one on the beach except for our 3 children running bare and a group of tourists on the glass bottom boat looking at the tropical fish and corals.

Hope these pictures warm up your winters day.

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