Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Growing up so fast!

Sienna at 22 months with a giant photo of herself at 3 months of age, in the same cot at my parents place.
Can you believe it, I blinked and my 'little' girl is turning TWO in 3 weeks time.
This was our little Teddy when we came to Norfolk Island in December 2004, he was only 18 months old then.
Now at 4, he is still our little man which can only enjoy for such a little time before he is grown up in a ready to start school kind of way.
Sienna surprises us constantly with what she picks up and learns from everywhere, most people are so genuinely surprised that she is still only one year old.
Teddy has been riding his bike up and down our long driveway and around and around the roundabout garden, he has become so confident on his bike which is great,
Little Miss Confidence herself, has no fear and tried to ride Ted's bike down the driveway alone, at least she put his helmet on first.
Next time I blink, they will be riding off to school together.

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