Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A magical trip to the ZOO.

Well, it was a long awaited highlight of our trip to 'the mainland' and on the last day, we ventured off on our much anticipated trip to Taronga zoo, getting there on public transport was half the fun, as us small island folk got to travel on 2 trains, a ferry and a bus.
When we paid to get in to the zoo, we were given a map to follow, Teddy was more fascinated by the map than by any of the animals to start off with.

Aunty Mandy asked the kids to say hello to the monkeys for her as they were her favourite, Sienna got a chance to do that personally with a very special kiss through the glass to a lovely,wrinkly chimpanzee, It was love at first sight, I only saw the tail end of the love affair as I wormed through the crowd near the large windows, to follow the sound of Sienna's delighted giggles.

Our next stop was the seal show, where every trick the seal did, Teddy tried to imitate using the stairs for support, he even tried to stand on his front flippers, of course he doesn't have any.

Ted wanted to see the African animals(probably from Madagascar the movie) especially the giraffes, which we were lucky enough to see being fed branches of leaves with their slug tongues they shared their pen with 3 lovely zebra's. Teddy favourite African animal that he saw, surprisingly was the little pygmy hippopotamus.

I loved the Elephants, watching them in their new home was truly magical.

At the end of a tiring, but well worth it day, we caught the last cable car ( see how excited Teddy and Aunty Jenni are) then a wonderful ferry trip back to circular quay, as the city was turning from day to night.

We had a REAL hot chocolate at the Lindt shop on Martin place, where they actually pour melted Lindt chocolate with frothy hot milk, tooo yummy.

Sienna fought and fought on the train not to fall asleep and end our lovely day,
but finally................

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