Monday, 13 July 2015

A onesie kind of day

It is school holidays at the moment, I run a vacation care program at Minischool we don't get many days at home.
The kids today were content to stay at home and chill out.
My only pre requisite to a day at home was to get through a mountain for laundry to be folded and put away as it was taking over our lounge room..... we almost got there.... and then we got a little silly.

It got sillier and sillier

Then after a few silly dress ups, their pyjamas got stuffed with clothes and they bumped each other on the trampoline with their stuffed bellies.

Then things got ridiculously silly when they all changed into their animal onesies to shove as many clothes, towels and pillows as they could into their onesies.

The trampoline was funny, going down our long skinny slide was even funnier when they become stuck!

It was a good fun sibling time... but the laundry pile?.... It's back to square one again.

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