Sunday, 27 April 2014

Last snorkelling for the year in Emily and Slaughter bay

This is the last weekend that I usually snorkel before the cooler waters from NZ wash up and make me say brrrrr.


The tropical wildlife that lives below the surface will still be waiting for me when I return in December.

I have enjoyed the Easter weekend public holidays plus Anzac day to go down to the reef and play with my friends. They are a fabulous reminder of our amazing planet.

Here is a go pro underwater video taken by my friends and fellow bloggers. It is definitely worth a 2 minute viewing of your time. You will see why we are so lucky to live here.

Hang on...they are wearing wetsuits!!!
What a novel idea!

I might have to order one for Mothers day and then I can play with my fishy friends in the most incredible coral gardens all year round!

 And my husband says he never knows what to buy me for gifts (even after 23 years together)

Helllloooooo....make me a mermaid!


Michelle said...

wet suits are the key - you gotta get yourself one!! I'm wondering if I might manage a swim all year? Hmmm...crazy talk :)

Cristina Rose said...

writing now from the dead of winter....not even a wet suit can get me into the water...bbbrrr