Monday, 7 April 2014

An afternoon drive

A Friday afternoon drive late after school turned into this :)

It was supposed to be a chance for Mama to snorkel in the low tide & take some photos of the fishies, but some sudden showers of rain dropped the temperature a few degrees and made me chicken out!

so some games on the beach was our chosen activity.

I LOve this one of all of them doing their own thing.

Teddy was throwing and catching sand, Sienna was singing and dancing and Jasper was digging.

Peri-Peri loved just being with us.

Another moment in the golden hour on Norfolk Island that we will treasure forever ♥


Anonymous said...

Great photos Christina, I was out there swimming it was nice in :-) Cheers Spud

Michelle said...

And to think some folk believe we can't go for an afternoon drive cause our island isn't very big!!!
Great photos as always xx