Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Thursday night Coconut bath club (with strawberry champagne)

Thursday to us is friendship day.

Almost 6 years ago, I started pregnancy yoga with the amazing Sue Scott at Noosa Yoga studio, the other group of girls that attended every Thursday morning would unknown to us at that time, would become my first mothers club and a very important part of our lives, we miss them greatly but what an amazing group.

We met up once to show off our new babies and then started to meet again regularly on a Thursday and then met every Thursday for playdates and lunches at each others houses for the next 4 years (3 1/2 years for us before we moved here to Norfolk)
These were not ordinary lunches, they were more gourmet than most Noosa restaurants, most ingredients were bought fresh at the Wednesday Eumundi markets as most of us were lucky to live in this area.

Some of the Thursday Mums group still meet with their second babies as most of Teddy's age group are at school or pre school.

Now the Thursday tradition has returned for us here, as it was the only day without a plane for a while and the only afternoon that my friend Eve, also was an accommodation manager, and her children Mirabelle(5 months older than Teddy) and Wilkes(3 months younger than Sienna or as he calls her, Yenna) could get together for a play.

One day after afternoon tea, as Eve was preparing her Kids to say goodbye so they could go home and have a bath and cook dinner, I thought, why not stay and have dinner as the kids were having so much fun together.

We agreed, and then went to Doug and Eve's house the following week for another afternoon tea, bath and dinner.....and it has alternated ever since.

Somewhere along the way strawberry champagne has become the staple after afternoon tea and before dinner, then the kids have a bath together,I added Radox coconut to their baths which has now become a Thursday night tradition hence the name, The Thursday night Coconut bath club.

The kids usually then dress up and do a show for us before we all say Goodbye and get our sleepy kids to bed.

Mirabelle and Sienna look and act like sisters especially when they sing ABBA songs together like I did years ago with my sister.

All 3 kids understand and tolerate Teddy's little 'flip outs' and play well with him when he wants to join in and leave him to himself when he doesn't, its great to be understood.

Doug and Brandt sometimes disappear together on our club night(to the movies or the RSL next door), but we are glad they get on so well too.

The kids miss each other a day later and can't wait to see each other again.
They are all a bit crazy and feral at times, but we love them and wouldn't have it any other way.

We made good use of the Summer and met down the beach too.

We like Thursdays!

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