Monday, 8 April 2013

Looking up

Its has been a very busy end to March and start of April as my husband has been away for a few weeks. But thinks are definitely looking up.

I got 3 little subconscious messages this week to tell me to keep going!

First a swirly contrail from an overhead plane passing by.
Then a friend sent me this.

and finally I was swooped upon by these 2 gorgeous white terns.
 I hope your week is looking up also :)


Michelle from Norfolk Exposure said...

Love these reminders to "stop and smell the flowers". Thank goodness the holidays are approaching. I know you'll have to work, but at least you won't have the school rush as well :)

Cristina Rose said...

I am most looking forward to not making 4 breakfasts plus 4 lunches by 8am :) I am just taking a whole lot of groceries up to preschool and the kids can make their own! xx Enjoy your break Shell.