Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jasper begins his Preschool Journey.

In 1 weeks time my baby boy turns 3.

 Normally at age 3 would be when he would begin preschool but he has been fortunate to enjoy 3 years worth with me when I did casual teaching there.
baby Jasper at 5 months old sleeps in the reading hammock.

the boys used to adore and dote on him
more swinging in the hammock, sometimes it was the only way to get him to sleep in a busy class room.

just too cute

Jasper in the background, not yet quite mobile enough to get to his sisters preschool work adding glass beads

2 good looking boys in the mirror

preschool life just carries on around the baby!
This week marks another exciting occasion as I will not only be working at the preschool but running it also.

So Jasper gets both Mum and a preschool experience.

But he has been there right from the beginning anyway!
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